Since 2008 professional photographers James Wilson and Mark Hemmings have been leading photography workshops and tours in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Japan. They now welcome you to their newest adventure, Italy! 

Location: Lucca, Pisa & Florence 

Date: November 5th to 11th, 2019

Price:  $4,495 USD

Skill Level: All skill levels, all cameras


Our Home Base

  • If you haven't heard of Lucca, and wonder why we chose this location for our workshop home base, we can understand. Florence, Siena and Pisa are usually the household names when the discussion of Tuscany comes up. Lucca however is a hidden gem. It still retains its Renaissance-era fortified wall that circles the town, which no doubt kept its undeniable charm intact all of these years.

The Location

  • The requirement for any of our workshop destinations is that they be stunningly beautiful, they offer our guests world-class food, the accommodations are unique and comfortable, and of course, that they offer ample opportunities to learn and practice photography! Lucca will be our home base for this photo workshop, and we know that you will not be disappointed!



  • Pisa is of course world renowned for its Leaning Tower, however there is so much more to this stunning city than the crowd favorite. We will help you interpret the city using your own visual style and photographic "voice". Our goal is to help you see tourist sites and get beyond standard documentary shots, and into fine art imagery.

Photo Editing

  • Many of our past workshop participants have also wanted training in post processing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Your Pisa photos can serve as sample images for the times set aside for photo editing. You will have individual attention given to you throughout the workshop by both James and Mark to help you with any questions that you may have. This includes photo editing, photographic workflows, best practices for taking photos, artistic and also technical considerations, and for those who desire it, video lessons with Mark.



  • No photo workshop in Tuscany would be complete without a trip to Florence. Home to Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture, Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation," Florence is a cultural heavyweight and of course a photographer's dream location. Yes, the iconic locations such as Ponte Vecchio get photographed ad nauseam, however we have techniques to share with you to add a fine art touch to even normal tourist scenes.


  • While in Florence we'll photograph the highlights, but in a way that's unique and creative. The best part is that the skills you gain will be applicable to your photography after you return home! It's our goal to give you the tools needed to creatively photograph in ANY location. If you have never been to Florence, you no doubt have heard about it from friends or family who have experienced it. The photographs that you come back home with will be a great highlight in your collection!


Please arrive in Lucca today, and we will pick you up at the Lucca train station. After we all check in to our hotel we will head out for dinner. During our delicious Tuscan meal we will get to know each other, and also discuss the upcoming week, and what to expect. We will do some night photography along the streets after the meal, and then enjoy a comfortable sleep in our hotel. 


After a wonderful breakfast we will head out for a tour of Lucca. This photo walk will be at a relaxed pace as we want each participant to feel that they have the time to photograph on their own. While we are doing the photo walk, James and Mark will be helping each participant with photo opportunities and how to best capture the scenes that are in front of their lenses. Lunch is free time! At 2 pm please meet back at the hotel for our practical lesson on professional editing photos using Lightroom CC. After the lesson is a siesta break until “magic hour”. When the light starts to get low we will all head out into the town for a brilliant photo walk capturing the rich, warm light of an Italian city. When it gets dark we will go straight to an excellent restaurant for a perfect Italian meal!


Today is our day trip to Pisa! We will depart after breakfast, and come back home in the early evening. Today is all about capturing tourist destinations in creative and artistic ways. We will also set aside an hour or two of free time in Pisa for shopping or exploring on your own.


Today is our Lucca exploration day circling the city on the upper wall. We also plan to photograph interiors, and for those who are inclined to bring tripods this is a fantastic day to bring them along. We will also be doing night photography where tripods will be useful.


Today is our second day trip, this time to Florence by train. Similar to Pisa, we will depart after breakfast, and come back home in the early evening. When we meet our guide we will walk through Florence photographing the best of the city. Photographing the Vecchio bridge will be a major stop, and of course all of the winding streets and alleyways making their way to the Duomo.


After breakfast Mark will be doing his second lesson on post production photo editing, and then it’s time for our group editing session. James and Mark will be working with each participant answering any editing questions that they may have. The goal for each participant is to edit their five favorite photos from the past week, and also any “fun” pictures of the group enjoying the trip. Lunch time is free time, and we will all meet back at the hotel for 2pm where Mark will collect each participants photos, and he will prepare them for this evening’s slide show party! But don’t worry, this is not a competition or a critique session . . . we just like to have an end-of-workshop slideshow party, seeing how each person interpreted Italy. After Mark has all of the photos in his computer, he will create the slideshow while James takes the participants on a cultural walk. After an early dinner we will all meet back at the hotel and begin our slideshow party.


Today is the day that we return home. Thank you so much for joining us on this Italy Photo Workshop! We hope you got a lot out of the experience, and we hope to see you again on a future photo workshop. (Mark and James may stay in Italy a bit longer than the workshop dates, so if you would also like to stay longer to explore on your own, just let us know and we will keep you posted).